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Dry cleaning

Taking our clothes to the dry cleaners is often on our to-do lists, but we rarely think about how to actually clean our most precious shirts, pants, and uniforms, unlike traditional washing using water and detergent, dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes without using water, as weird as it sounds, dry cleaning actually cleans your clothes.

Working process

The dry cleaning process consists various types like initial labeling of garments, inspection and pretreatment of stains, entry into the dry cleaning machine, second inspection, final finishing, and care label icons.
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Our mission

Our business is cleaning your clothes. As such, it is imperative that you work diligently to keep your facilities and equipment clean and the basis of our good relationship with our customers.

Can I know about specific requests?

If there are any special care instructions not included?

Do I need to count the items in my order?

Absolutely not, counting is part of the service. Simply handles.

How fast will you process my order?

Processing time is typically 48-72 hours, excluding Sundays

Our work

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way, clients know exactly what to expect – professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

What shall do have big order with bags?

Please send us an email to inform us that you have a big order

What if I do not receive an email receipt?

Try checking your spam folder, it’s not there, simply email it

What type of services do you provide?

The following services: Dry Clean, Wash & Fold.


We wash just about anything. From linen to bath mats to all types of clothing. We want you to know that you can rely on us for a complete laundry service including ironing and dry cleaning.

What are working hours of operation?

Our pick-up and drop-off time slots are 10am-3pm, 7pm-11pm

What is the laundry cut off times?

For the morning shift place your order before 10 am same day.

How do I get the rid of bed bugs?

We provide services to get rid of bed bugs and are available.

Services plans & pricing

Dry cleaning

Wash, dry and fold


Day dress service

Dry cleaning


Ironing service

Iron and fold