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Pressure Washing

Our Process

Many building materials are hard and therefore tough to clean. When difficult stains set into those materials it can be a real challenge to wash. To address this issue tools were made that eject highly pressurized water to cut through the stain even in a strong material.

Carpet N Cleaning Company offers Residential and Commercial business owners quality power washing for their toughest stains. With the power of high-pressured water, we can peel away layers of grime, washout porous material and cut right through and dissolve any stain from your solid surfaces. Our power washing technicians are professionally trained and skilled in administering a safe and effective wash every time..

While power-washing equipment is available for rent or sale, it is always best to take on exterior cleaning with the help of a trained professional. This is because proper training ensures the equipment is used in the right way, protecting yourself and your property. Skillful use of high-pressured water can yield amazing results, but these water jets are powerful and can be dangerous. When you call on the experts at Carpet N Cleaning Company you avoid doing damage to yourself or your building.

Working process

When we set out to clean your exterior, you will be amazed at how pristine we are able to get your surfaces. Without chipping or damaging your materials we can strip away every ounce of grime and dirt to reveal a shining surface underneath.

We make concrete and brick look as new as the day it was built. Revitalize your building’s exterior and restore its beauty with power washing. Not only will you improve curb appeal you’ll also feel better about your surroundings.

Cleanliness has the inherent ability to make people feel more comfortable. When you have a glimmering driveway or exterior walls, you know your building is representing you well. Our power washing can get rid of any stain; from rust to set in oil, mildew, paint and more. Whether you have rusted paint can rings all over your patio or your garage is riddled with unsightly oil stains, Carpet N Cleaning Company can get it clean.

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